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What women want?

The series of articles offered in this section is not a simple statement of facts known about girls and women’s mentality and psychology. It is an attempt to find right ways to deal with these facts in order to build and maintain happy and long lasting relationships with women. It is a very difficult but utmost important task and we are right in the beginning of it. Girls or women are very complex creatures with lots of insecurities. Their behavior is less logical but mostly impulsive and instinctive, close to the basics of nature. Modern life and women’s emancipation made things much more complex then they were before. That is why we see so many divorces and broken hearts on both sides. Emancipation gave women freedom but did not give them knowledge on how to deal with it! We did not receive this knowledge too, but we are looking for it - looking for a secret. The only goal of these articles is to make people happy on both sides. We believe that it is in a men’s ability to make women happy, thus to maintain happy relationship. Modern situation makes our task to find a key to happy marriage much more difficult but well-timed!

Women are mentally dependable on men, and therefore predictable. Women are very much dependable on men in their every day routine, much more than men dependable on women. Nevertheless, we cannot do without women. It is a call of nature, which drives us to them, and we can not resist it. Therefore we have to learn how to deal with women, for our own good sake… We have to learn how to be attractive to women, and how to maintain proper relationship, that would lead to a happy and long lasting marriage… In order to be attractive to women, we have to learn a very important thing – what women want!? This is a key for understanding girls and women and building our relationship with them in a proper way… So what women want?? Ones, in my friends’ house, during a conversation about this matter, I asked his wife about it. I asked her – what is it exactly you women want? And she answered – we don’t really know ourselves - what we want…!!

I hope that you do understand now - what complex task we have ahead of us…))

In fact, women do have an idea of what they want. If you ask them the right questions, you can easily get a set of demands and requests that every woman would like to claim from a man. But despite all the transparency and obviousness of these desires women do not understand the complexity of motivations that lies deep behind them. If you will review one woman’s wishes at ones – you will notice their controversy. Woman is expecting to find two models of behavior in one man – a husband and a lover, which is quite impossible. There are very few men on this planet that could possibly meet all the women’s requests, in most scenarios - a half of them…

But neither men nor women realize that. Every girl or woman is looking for a fairy tale prince that would satisfy all the qualities she needs. And men, without the right knowledge of what’s going on, changing themselves to please woman or roughly oppose women’s request to change. But the result is always the same – relationship that started as a wonder story and seemed to be a gift of destiny is being destroyed.

Women possess a huge power of destruction. Sometimes blinded, in the pursuit for happiness they take the wrong road – the road of destruction. Women do not understand their self-contradictions and do not want to give up their desires. Most probably she would proclaim that a man does not want to change because he doesn’t love her enough. But even if a man gives up under the pressure of woman’s requirements – it does not satisfy her, it even makes it worse. Woman does not want a submissive man and she starts to blame him for weakness until the relationship or marriage is destroyed completely.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, there is. In our next article we will try to find it out. We will dig deep into the inner essence of women’s self-contradiction and will find the ways to deal with it…
Is there a quick solution to the problem, a short cut? There is - Marry a Russian girl! Find a Russian girl from a small Russian town rose in a traditional family and be happy. However the knowledge that we offer in our reviews will be very useful for you anyway! Remember that your beautiful Russian girl will become a beautiful modern woman in a democratic society where you going to bring her. And you will have to know how to handle it. So stay with us and learn. Good luck!
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