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Russian women for marriage

A lot of Russian women that come to our agency are looking for marriage with a man abroad. Some of them are registering to our agency online and some come directly to our office in Russian. So we talk to many Russian women looking for marriage. Most of Russian women that come to us are looking for a man with whom it is save and comfortable to be with – for their soul mate. They are ready to meet a good Russian man as well. In fact they do not make a difference in the first place. They just want to have more choices and use any opportunity to find the right man whether foreign or from Russia. Usually they get married in between 6 month to 1 year after they come to our agency. Some of them choose Russian husbands some foreign. And their first aim is not to leave Russia but to find a right person to leave with. Fortunately most of them are pretty successful in it…

Many Russian women that come to our agency were dating Russian men before and some have children. Most of these women are deciding to find a foreign husband. They explain it in a way that western men care more about children and their own health therefore they don’t drink a lot of alcohol and stay active and in a good spirit which has better influence on their family life…

Some Russian women come to the agency after the divorce with a man they loved. Some are coming write after the divorce, some in a little while after their loss. For these women coming to our agency is a big step, next step to the new life. They understand that everything that they valued left in the past and they have to look into a future. It is very rare that those Russian women marry foreign man write away but letters, calls and pleasant attention of men is bringing them back to life, help them find confidence in themselves and preparing for a new love. In a month or two after registering to the agency these women are starting to leave their life in full. You can not recognize them after sometime – their ayes look brighter, their voices become more sensual and they walk like models… In a little while they fall in love with someone. It could be a western man or a man from Russia as well…

So who are Russian women for marriage? I guess they are just women looking for happiness with a good man. Could it be you? May be… The only thing we know for sure is that Russian women are not looking for a marriage as a way to leave Russia in a first place. Therefore we oppose those rumors telling that Russian women leave their foreign husbands as soon as they get landed papers. This is not truth. Russian women never leave their man for no reason. This is for sure. And the reason should be very serious. Russian women are not spoiled by men’s attention in a first place. Therefore they value a good relationship with a good man. But not all western men are perfect. So you also have to look into yourself and answer yourself honestly a very simple question - Are you ready for marriage? Are you ready to take responsibilities that come along? Are you ready to bring to your country a Russian woman and to be kind and caring enough with her? Please imaging that one Russian woman would come absolutely along to a country that she knows nothing about to leave with you that she knows very little about just with a hope for a long and happy relationship with You! Don’t make her become a victim of you anger and your problems if you have any!! Clear your mind and put your life together in a proper way first. Understand that marriage is not a magic pill that will make you happy if you are not ready for happiness yet. Manage your life first and then, when you are in peace with yourself and ready to comfort another person in your life – find one beautiful Russian woman for marriage and leave your life in full… enjoy every moment of it… Good Luck!!

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