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Good day, gentlemen! Let us continue our discussion about women in general, our relationship with them, Russian girls and women in particular, ways to communicate with them and most important about our quest to have long lasting and happy relationships.

As I mentioned the word “communicate” I would like to draw your attention to a lot of useful tools created at our Marry Russian Girl website for you in order to start communication with Russian girls and women easier. You can check out FAQ section at the bottom of the front page of our site to get an idea on how to use these helpful features.

But today discussion goes far beyond the simple meaning of the world communicate. In fact when I mentioned this world I meant to say much more. I wanted to discuss the right ways of our communication with women based on our understanding of what they need and what are they looking for in us…

Let’s start with one simple thing that we have to understand when we want to talk to women. Women are very pragmatic! This quality is based on traditional women’s need to create a family and raise children. Therefore woman is looking for a safest place to have a family life and strongest man to support children. Some man may say – the only thing women think is money! There is a curtain sense in this saying but it is very limited to fully describe the matter. I like the other one – Woman should belong to a man that saves her from troubles! It is not the money that woman is looking for in you, it is a power in you she is looking for! A power that helps you to make this money, a power that gives you the ability to create wealth and provide good living for the family!

In order to avoid mistakes and disappointments in your future relationships try to asses this major women’s quality when you do your first approach… Try to realize a level of your woman’s expectations of you and of life you want to offer her. Try to see if you posses enough qualities yourself to satisfy this woman’s needs! Answer yourself honestly all the questions that this matter brings up because it might help you to avoid destruction of being dumped or divorced by a woman! Women are much more pragmatic then us, men. If she decided to dump you – she does it all the way! When she made this decision, she gives no shit about what you think and what you want and there is no way to convince her different way!! This is more truth when it comes to western women as they are more emancipated and less dependable on us, men. Russian girls and Russian women are still more traditional when it comes to basic women’s instinct or necessity to be with a man and to be loyal to a man. It is another reason why Russian brides are so popular. Russian girls and women are not spoiled by a lot of man’s attention. As I described in another article “Why are they looking for you?” there are twice more women in Russia then man. It is a result of the Second World War when Russia lost 30 million people, mostly man. May be this is explains why Russian girls and women are so beautiful – they have to attract less populated Russian man… They are cities full of single women in Russia, for example Ivanovo - the centre of weaving industry of Russia. There are thousands of beautiful and single women there – I saw it with my eyes!! Therefore Russian girls and Russian women simply do not full around when it comes to relationship with man. If one single Russian woman grabs one worthy man, she sticks to him for good!! Believe me!!

Of cause there are cases when western men are being dumped by Russian wives, but there are very few of them compare to the same statistic with western women. However even few cases like that bother me a lot and I would like to discuss this matter with you in our next article and try to find a solution to avoid it as much as possible…

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