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Conflict of modern marriage

Throughout centuries marriage was a very pragmatic matter for every young woman. By giving herself to a man she would shift onto his shoulders all the worries about her survival, well-being and prosperity. It was considered absolutely normal and was cultivated from one generation to another.
Parents were looking for the most fortunate marriage for their daughters, from their point of view.
From ladies point of view there was nothing wrong in this situation as well. Marriage was an arrangement when woman were receiving material and social wealth in exchange for possession of herself... Love, respect and even affection could be involved as well, but were not necessary attributes of marriage.
After all - what is Love? Nobody seems to be able to give a clear answer for this old question. But the answer is quit simple if you look at the basics of the matter. And this is exactly what we do - we go down to basics, looking at the very root of the problem and find the answer.
First of all - Love is a chemical reaction inside our brain. This complex reaction transforms in a simple command of our brain to be attracted to someone. What are the basics of this reaction? How does it form? The reaction is based on hundreds of facts about the person we are looking at, involuntary. Our brain works as a powerful computer, analyzing and sorting thousands of pieces of information in a fraction of a second! It absorbs all the qualities of a person we looking at or thinking about with a speed of a blink, without us even noticing anything!! In fact - we Love people for Something! We might not know it. We might think that Love is a pure thing, a gift of universe and so on... But in fact it is just a home work of our powerful brain, given us by God! We Love people for their unique qualities that our brain found useful to us, involuntarily, without us even realizing that!!
Therefore if a man, who was taking a young woman to be his wife, was a successful person, wealthy or just with good prospective for life. And she would be a beautiful and sexy young lady. Would there be a place for Love, respect and affection? Yes there would! And I thing that this is the right and natural order of things - first come Interest then Love! My belief comes from my experience, when marriages based on that order of things are the strongest ones. Moreover we are much fortunate then our ancestors. We do not have to make a blind choice. We have websites where men can browse women they like, and women can chose the right men for themselves...

Unfortunately in a western society, where relationship between men and women are mostly based on mutual pleasures and women became socially independent, the institute of marriage happened to be in a very interesting situation.
The ephemeral complex of emotional experiences became the main criteria for a choice of a marriage partner. Men and women are playing in "relationships" and believe that "Big love" is the main reason to get married. The old marriage of convenience was much more fair arrangement, than present love matches which hide all the reality under a screen of emotional affection. But the reality did not change since ancient time - woman needs a man to take care of her living! Moreover women are very much mentally dependable on stronger men!
In this respect when you marry a Russian girl, or what we call Russian marriage, you make much more fair arrangement as well. These marriages based on mutual interests are stable and long lasting... Let us be realistic and fair to ourselves - it is the best way to save you out of troubles. You would not expect a relationship between two persons from different continents that barely know each other, to be based on a "flame of love" at first! It will come! It will follow - Love, respect and affection. But first we have to follow the right pattern - the right order of things. Because as we discussed in the beginning - If you are a self-made man with character, standing strong on your feet, mentally healthy and financially independent. And she is one beautiful and sexy Russian woman. Is there a place for that chemical reaction that we call Love? Yes, there is, definitely!!
It was sad before, that Russian girls are still more traditional when it comes to relationship with men. That is why we promote Russian marriage as a safe choice of selecting your partner for life. Russian women more dependable mentally and socially on stronger men, which give us a perfect opportunity to build a perfect marriage...
Of cause after years of leaving in a democratic society your Russian wife will become more independent socially and may be financially as well. But this is the theme of our future articles - about how to love you woman and save your marriage for long years...

Thank you for your attention and hope to see you again soon. Please take you time and leave your comments about this article at our Forum in a Russian marriage topic. Good Luck...

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